R134A Domestic Hot Water Heat Pump
1: 4 times energy saving than electric water heater and 5 times than gas bolilers
2: More healthy: Automatic anti-legionella by electric heater
3: Advanced & hi-reliable product design: Compressor(Well-known brand, GMCC, high qualit
4: Easy installation: all in one desin and connected flexible duct
R290 Domestic Hot Water Heat Pump
1: More environment friendly :GWP close to 0
2: Higher COP:  R290 gas working together with Micro-channel heat exchanger to ensure the higher COP, which could save your electricity bills
3: Higher leaving water temperature: Up to 60C degree without electric heater
4: More installation options: 80L-120L for wall mounted and 200L-300L for floor standing
Domestic Hot Water Heat Pump Top Part
1: Combined exibility with water tank
2: Saving your freight cost: Since shipping empty water tanks is expensive, so assemble locally with our top part could a good choice
3: Wide range: Compatitable with tanks from 80L to 300L
4: Elegant appearance.

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