Domestic Hot Water Heat Pump Top Part

All in one top part
1: Combined exibility with water tank
2: Saving your freight cost: Since shipping empty water tanks is expensive, so assemble locally with our top part could a good choice
4: Elegant appearance.

■   High efficiency, environment friendly   

      ● High efficient compressor, well-known brand.

      ● EXV control technology, refrigerant control more accuracy.

      ● R134a, lower GWP, and environmentally friendly.


■   Convenient operation

    ● Large LED screen, user-friendly controller.

    ● Operating status and error codes can be clearly displayed on controller screen.


■   Combined Flexibility with water tank

     ● Combined flexibility with water tank   

    ● For Model 9a and 20a, refrigerant pipes can be connected with Lokring technology between water tank and top part. For

        Model 20b, stop valves as standard.

     ● Multi-protections include: high pressure switch, low pressure switch. Temperatu re on/o sensors and electric backup

heater terminals are reserved in PCB.

    ●Automatic anti-legislation per week, more reliable and health.

    ● 60Pa static pressure enable the air duct total length up to 8m. (Only av ailable for Model AXHW-20a/b)



■   Flexible air duct connections Wide range

     ● Suggesting storage of tank size is covered from 80L to 300L.

     ● Wide operation ambient temperature range: -5°C - 43°C.

     ● Setting temperature range of hot water is from 10°C to 70°C, and default is 50°C.


■   Flexible air duct connections

     60Pa static pressure enable the air duct total length up to 8m. (Only avaiable for Model AXHW-20a/b)


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