R290 Domestic Hot Water Heat Pump

1: More environment friendly :GWP close to 0
2: Higher COP:  R290 gas working together with Micro-channel heat exchanger to ensure the higher COP, which could save your electricity bills
4: More installation options: 80L-120L for wall mounted and 200L-300L for floor standing

■   Wide range to choose

In order to feed all kinds of demands for different applications, we developed full range of R290 all in one heat pumps. For example, small apartment for no more than 3 people, we have from 80L to 120L wall mounted type, while for bigger family, we have 200L and 300L floor standing models for your options. All models are Erp, CE certificated.


■   R290 Refrigerant

R290 is well known as a zero ODP value, which means that it has no negative impact on the ozone layer. In addition, the GWP value is close to 0, which indicates a minimal impact on the global-warming effect. What’s more? Propane is not only an environmentally friendly refrigerant, but also maintaining better working parameters in heat pump units, such as higher COP and higher leaving water temperature.


■   Higher COP

During water heating, the R290 series can automatically calculate and analyze its current operating conditions, then adjust the power input to achieve an optimal COP .Under the standard condition of (EN16147)7/6℃, R290 all-in-one heat pump water heater can achieve   COP up to 3.0, which can reduce energy consumption and save your bills in the long run. The invest return will be within 4 years.


■   Micro-Channel Heat Coil

The high-density micro-channel heat coils with multi-flow allow the refrigerant and the surface of the stainless steel water tank to have a larger heat exchange area, which highly improves the heat transfer efficiency.


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