R290 Monobloc Air-to-water Heat Pump

R290 green gas heat pump with heating, cooling+ DHW system
R290 refrigerant is recognized as a refrigerant which
contributes to the reduction of carbon emnission and help achieve the global goal of carbon neutrality.
1: Eco-friendly refrigerant
2: Full DC inverter,
4: Elegant appearance.

1.   Eco-friendly refrigerant- R290 Refrigerant

AXEN launched R290 ATW heat pump in 2022 to reduce carbon emissions to the environment.

R290 refrigerant is recognized as a refrigerant that contributes to the reduction of carbon emissions and helps achieve the global goal of carbon neutrality.

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2.    High Efficiency SCOP at 35℃/55℃:A+++/A+++,Maximum SCOP.5.1

AXEN heat pump uses R290 green gas and full DC inverter technology. With a top energy rating of A+++,

the unit is currently the most energy efficient and can greatly reduce energy bills for customers.


3.    CozyQuiet™ Technology

Thanks to AXEN's proprietary CozyQuiet technology, the external unit's noise level is reduced to a mere 35 decibels at a 2m distance, making it an ideal choice for various residential installations.


4.   User Convenience-Two zones control

For different indoor terminal units, the design leaving water temperature is different. The two zones control function is used to ensure different indoor terminal units working at its design temp. to enhance the comfort and save energy


5.    Anti-freeze logic:

The Axen R290 heat pumps incorporate an anti-freeze logic that activates when the water temperature falls below 5°. The system will maintain the water temperature at around 15°. In addition, the external anti-freeze valve will mechanically open when the water temperature drops below 3° with an accuracy of ±1℃.This locic ensures the system avoids freezing damage and unnecessary drainage.


6.   The R290 heat pump unit is capable of adiusting its capacity based on different electrical sianals:

When receiving a free electricitv sianal, the unit will operate in boost mode to store heat in the DHW tank.

When receiving a normal price sicnal, the unit will run with hich efficiency to balance the capacity outout and power consumption.

when receiving a high price signal, the unit will operate in limited time and provide only space heating function.


7.    Modbus BMS

AXEN R290 heat pumps Modbus communication protocal is standard function for BMS intigration, clients can usetheir own control system to integrate Axen heat pumps to realizethe remote monitor and control.


8.   Multi-function wired controller and APP control

By using the energy report function, you will be able to see how much energy you are using on a basis of Daily,Monthly, Yearly, to identify where users can make changes to optimize their energy consumption.

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Axen smart APP+remote service platform:A brand-new app for real-time control and monitoring of the heat pump. It facilitates remote diagnostics by after-sales personnel, effectively reducing maintenance costs.


9.   Elegant appearance

AXEN R290 Model X space heating heat pump has been honored with the 2023 Red Dot Design Award   in the product design category.

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