AXEN Shines at MCE 2024


AXEN provides an industry-leading ultra-quiet experience, achieving noise levels as low as 53.5dB(A) in the Intertek Noise Lab through its advanced fivefold noise reduction technologies.

R290 Ultra Series

Stands as the industry's first 12kW SCOP double A+++ certified R290 heat pump. Featuring an LWT of 75℃ and CozyQuiet™ Low Noise Technology, it represents a breakthrough in heat pump innovation.

R290 A+ Class Sanitary Hot Water Heat Pump

VANGL Group recently introducing an entirely new enameled water tank production assembly line. The product showcased at this MCE features a high efficiency micro channel heat exchanger, resulting in higher energy efficiency. The series achieves an A+ class energy efficiency, complying with the COP requirements of the Italian market. With stainless steel water tank production techniques accumulated over the past years, VANGL Group has achieved complete coverage of water tank materials for hot water heat pump.

Smart IOT Solution

AXEN introduces the upgraded ThermoMax Smart IOT. With the newly unveiled color screen line controller, consumers and installers can conveniently achieve remote control and settings on both the hardware and mobile ends. The solution also features innovative functions such as visualized power consumption display, remote diagnostics, and remote OTA upgrades.

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